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Royal Palace

Your Royal palace looks more royal with our wall and ceiling works. We are excited to publicize that we have wall and ceiling work as one of our services

Ceiling defines the interior surface that covers the upper limits of the room. Like Ceiling, the quality of our works will be in the top only because of the products we use

Ceiling can be done on the basis of customers requirement.Gypsum partition is well known for its fire resistance characteristic. We are using this as a premium building material for wall ,ceiling etc.As already mentioned most of us love cladding works, add extra elegance to it by using mirror wall cladding. Our country is best known for designs and the works we do.As a representation of this we have Decorative Gypsum ceiling.we are also doing False ceiling works which means that adding secondary ceiling below the primary ceiling.In order to have a different ceiling we offer coved ceiling as our service.In addition to all these services we also have Gypsum wall with window panel,steel wall, gypsum ceiling and FR rated gypsum cladding.

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